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Montag, 14. Mai 2018

Troopers Of Italandia

"Vandals Of The Universe" / Limited Print

We now have the "Vandals Of The Universe" limited Print on PRE-ORDER now!
NOTE: Prints will ship end of May 2018 then.

"Vandals Of The Universe" - limited print by FLYING FÖRTRESS

• highly pigmented fine art print on satin matte white 300g/qm paper
• signed by the artist
• embossed FÖRTRESS logo
• size: 42 x 59,4 cm / approx. 16.5 x 23.4 inch
• year: 2018
• limited edition of 33
• all PRE-ORDERS receive 1x "DIAMOND FEVER" patch for free!

btw: "vintage hand-style silkscreen"-look is mad in purpose!...

Summer Supporter T-Shirts

 A few sizes made it to the shop:

New stickers for free with any order!....

Donnerstag, 26. April 2018


Montag, 23. April 2018

PINHEADS / Discount Code

Use the code PINHEADS at the webshop check-out to get a 30% off discount on any of our pins in the store!

(discount is only valid on items in the category "pins"... but you can add any other items to your order...)

Freitag, 20. April 2018


May the 20th... there is something about it in smoke-land... but these "E.T.420" patches are just about my favourite train model...! Still available at the shop...

Amore Del Rastplazzo

"TM#8 - ITALANDIA" / A.P. Prints Available

We have the last few "A.P." edition copies of the "Travel Memories #8 - Italandia" print available here:

Exactely the same print as the numbered edition.

• highly pigmented fine art print on satin matte white 300g/qm paper
• signed by the artist • embossed FÖRTRESS logo
• size: 42 x 59,4 cm / approx. 16.5 x 23.4 inch
• year: 2018
• edition: A.P. issue / no continuous numbers
• comes with free "FÖRTALIA" pin-set (set of 2 pins)!

Freitag, 6. April 2018

Greetings From ITALANDIA / Postcard

It's time again. I am collecting some extra cash-flow for my upcoming travels to Italy. So this is your chance to get a hand-written postcard from Italy with a hand-drawn Teddy Trooper doodle, original post stamps on the postcard and scratches and kinks from its long way via snail-mail from Italy to your post box. Limited quantity offered!

I am collecting orders untill Sunday night April 8th 2018.
 Get it here:

Mittwoch, 4. April 2018

Vandals Of The Universe / New T-Shirt

After a couple of sneak-peaks i have finally holding my new t-shirt (design) in hands today.
The design/concept came along while working on that "Moment Of Toy Unboxing" t-shirt design for the comic convention in Mexico City last year. It took a while untill i found some time to finish up the complex illustration. Also i wanted to give it a retro/vintage look'n'feel. So i made some oldschool silkscreen miss-print effects and rough grid for mixing colors by using only 4 original colors in purpose. I have to admit i like the result!
Finally i came to terms with some childhood memories (Hi Xavi!).
I am also planing to do a limited print run soon after my upcoming travels then.

The t-shirt is available now in limited stock here at the supermarket:

Rehbock & Lidlsucks

Thanx #montanacans for the new shoes.
Lidlsucks by #germesgang
#werbung #advertisment by a #socialmedia #incontinenseler

Dienstag, 3. April 2018

"The Great Escape" / New T-Shirt Design For DAF

DAF (Dicht-Am-Fisch) just released this new t-shirt i did the design for them. They are doing fishing related street(river!?)-wear and so this time i wanted to tell a bit of the story of things happen when you go out for fishing but your catch just... escapes! True stories!
"Manchmal verliert man — und manchmal gewinnen die anderen!"

This time we have a few copies in our shop so you can get the t-shirt directly from us with your other things ordered!

"I Am Board" / Skateboard Art Show @TOYCON UK London/UK

I am part of the "I am Board" group show at the TOYCON UK convention in a few days. The show features original artwork on skateboard decks. I turned my "Espresso Kanne"-Trooper from the "Italandia"-print into a full shape design. Handpainted acrylic on wood. The gallery space will be on booth 22 (see floor plan here)

All the decks will be for sale online here:

The decks & webstore will go live 10am on Saturday April 7th 2018 as doors open to the convention!
So mark the date on your calendar and stay tuned!

"Swiss Watches" / Group Show Paris/FR

"Swiss Watches" - A group show curated by KOLLY GALLERY at the pop-up gallery space ESPACE OPPIDUM in Paris/FR.
Opening on April 12th / 6pm
More details see flyer below.

I will show 8 new canvases there for the first time!
(ups!... now you have seen the DIAMANTENFIEBER already...)
Btw: i also did the logo icon design.... ;-)

Bye-Bye Facebook! (in eigener Sache)

It was just about time to do so. #cambridgeANALytica was just the last straw...
The hack is dead! Gnadenschuss für den lahmen Gaul!
So i shut down my FB accounts forever (it still takes two weeks to finally proceed...)

But as i am not going to hide in a cave...
you can still follow me on MarkZ's other evil network:

Montag, 26. März 2018

"Travel Memories #8 - ITALANDIA" / New Print / Pre-Order

So, after a long wait (almost 1 year!) i am finally going to drop the next new edition of the FÖRTRESS’ limited print series „Travel Memories“.
This time it’s the story about my last couple of trips to sunny Italy.
A good place to go to meet nice people, have delicious food and paint trains like easy Sunday mornings!
As usual the design is filled with lovely tributes, hidden gems and excessive (senseless) cliches ;-)

Prints will be shipped first week of April 2018!
Also, the print comes with a free „FÖRTALIA“ Teddy Trooper pin-set!


"Travel Memories #8 - Italandia" by FLYING FÖRTRESS
• highly pigmented fine art print on satin matte white 300g/qm paper
• signed by the artist
• embossed FÖRTRESS logo
• size: 42 x 59,4 cm / approx. 16.5 x 23.4 inch
• year: 2018
• limited edition of 33
• comes with free "FÖRTALIA" pin-set (set of 2 hard enamel pins)!

Please hurry up, as there are already only 6 last copies available of this edition!

All the other prints have already been reserved for our "Early Birds" customers.
Make sure to get on our "Eary Birds" mailing-list so you will be informed first on any new upcoming prints and things we're going to release in the near future! Thanx!

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Montag, 19. März 2018

Sonntag, 18. März 2018

"Elektrotriebzüge" / E.T. Patches

Collect them all! (or not...) Some are already sold out! I already made six designs for my "E.T." train-model patches. Juicing an idea, yes. There we have:

- E.T.420 / the legendary s-train model from Munich/Stuttgart /Frankfrurt / SOLD OUT!
- E.T.472 / Hamburg's classic s-train model, still in service / red version / SOLD OUT!
- E.T.481 / one of the newer Berlin s-train models
- E.T.400 / rusty old Cumana line model from Naples/IT
- E.T.420 Red / the new red-white-gray DB version on the last left units running
- E.T.4020 / cubistic style Vienna's s-train model

Start collecting as stock last: